Easter Home Décor Tips by Melted Flames

Do you love getting to add seasonal styling to your home? If so, you are not alone, and people in the UK are increasingly becoming fans of decorating for different holidays during the year.

Easter weekend is the perfect time to put fun into your home décor. At Melted Flames, we think environmentally friendly candles and luxurious scents are perfect for Easter styling. From adorable easter tables to subtle touches that bring the outside blooms into the house, there are lots of ways that you can have some fun this season!

To make dressing your home for Easter simple, we have created a collection of Easter Gifts which double up as sensations home accessories. Egg-splore our collection here!

How can you create the perfect Easter setting with our products? Carry on reading to find out.

Focus on Flowers

Easter isn’t all about bunnies and chocolate eggs (even though we love them!). It is a time for new beginnings, represented perfectly by the stunning array of foliage that is around to enjoy. 

Bringing bright-coloured florals into the home is a great way to create an uplifted ambience around the Easter weekend. We recommend using fresh flowers, floral printed accessories, and our Rose Set to create a floral masterpiece throughout your home. 

Create Statement Focal Points

Just like any other seasonal celebration, it is nice to have pockets of styling throughout the home which pay homage to the event. 

Our Bunny Candles are perfect for adding an egg-ticing touch to anywhere in the home. We recommend using them to create table centrepieces, coffee table styling, or as a cute finishing touch to bookshelves.

Update Highly Used Areas

Don’t forget to also style the areas that you commonly use which might not necessarily be on show for guests who will be visiting. Enjoying the season is about more than just a couple of days so by adding accessories into a home office or bedroom, you can make the most out of your Easter décor items. 

Who wouldn’t want to wake up with an adorable bunny candle or fresh bunch of flowers next to their bed?

Use your Accessories Outside

Weather permitting, Easter weekend is usually mainly spent outdoors, with al-fresco dining and egg hunts proving popular. Make sure you also decorate outside areas to create the perfect Easter vines. You could even dot your candles along the route for the egg hunt to use them more creatively!

Also use your Melted Flames Easter treats to decorate patios and outdoor tables for a beautiful finish that the entire family can enjoy. 

Handmade Easter Gifts from Melted Flames

Designed to be enjoyed just as much as your chocolate eggs, our treats are perfect for adding a fun seasonal touch into your home. 

Egg-splore our collection today and make sure you tag us in pictures of your Easter home styling!

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