Eco-Friendly Wax Melts From Melted Flames

You asked, and we delivered; Wax melts are something our fab family have requested for a long time, and you can finally get your hands on them this autumn. 


If you love our candles and reed diffusers, you will know that some stunning scents adorn the products. Although we also offer all candles in a scent-free version, many of our customers love a delicate or punchy aroma to fill their homes as it adds to the calming properties of a flickering candle. 

Wax melts are a brilliant way to intensify the aroma even further, with a concentrated smell being unlocked as soon as the tea light underneath starts working its magic. Keep reading to learn more about our brand-new collection!

Why Are Wax Melts A Great Home Addition?

  • You can still enjoy a lovely warm glow without burning one of your stunning sculptural candles.
  • Each wax melt offers around 20 hours of fragrance properties, which means you can use the same melt all week if you wish for a few hours of calming ambiance every evening.
  • Wax burners come in many designs, adding a trendy home decor accessory to any room.
  • Although a tea-light candle is required to melt the wax, they are still safer than larger candles if you have pets or young ones around the home (or accident-prone adults!).

About Our Wax Melts

Good for the environment and for you.

As with our handmade candles, we only use the finest ingredients when making wax melts. The wax is a 100% Coconut and rapeseed blend that melts down beautifully and doesn’t release any harmful chemicals. 

This is mixed with our high-quality fragrance oils, which have all been chosen for their aromatic and health-benefiting qualities. The last thing you want is a headache from a strong scent when you burn a wax melt, which has been eliminated by using quality oils. 

As always, ensure you research the fragrance you are burning if you have children or pets nearby.

Five stunning scents.

Our best-selling candle fragrances have been selected for our wax melts, with more expected to arrive soon!

Thai Lime and Mango is a tropical scent that instantly transports you to white sandy beaches and blue seas. Perfect for burning at any time of the year, we love this aroma as it adds an uplifting presence to any room.

For something more sensual and rich, Velvet Peony and Oud are ideal. The floral notes are complemented perfectly by the deep spice of oud, which makes for a sophisticated smell. Another similar scent is Jasmine and Patchouli, which is still rich and spicy but slightly lighter and sweet due to the Jasmine notes.

Cassia and Fig is our fun and fruity smell, which is playful yet relaxing at the same time. Perfect for accompanying a dinner party, we think this scent will be delightful during the sunny yet crisp autumn evenings that await us.

Last but not least is a classic that our collection would not be complete without, Velvet Vanilla. This sweet scent has rich notes of Tonka Vanilla, which offers a smooth and inviting scent that anyone will love. 

Which scent sounds like your ideal aroma? 

How To Care For Your Wax Melts

Looking after wax melts is really low maintenance, which is another reason that people love them! Check out our top tips:

  • Always ensure the burning area is clean from previous fragrances to ensure you get to enjoy the full pleasure of your next scent.
  • Place the melt in the centre of the dish for an even and quicker melt.
  • Use long-lasting tealights for a more efficient burning and long-lasting scent.
  • When you have finished with a scent, let the wax cool slightly and then use a round cotton pad to mock up the excess.
  • Keep away from flammable fabrics or items like you would position a candle.

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