Embrace the Joy of Missing Out With a Dreamy Night In

Whether you are happily in a relationship or proudly single, there is always lots of pressure to get dolled up and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. With 75% of people saying they prefer to stay in than go out, we think it's time we all embraced the joy of celebrating cosy nights when we want to!

We are a nation of self-professed FOMO sufferers; for many, that is only made worse when the day of love, cherubs, and couples massages come around. At Melted Flames, self-care and feeling powered to be alone should be something everyone promotes, not just on February 14th but also every other day. 

This year we think that instead of feeling that you are missing out if you don’t have any plans, you should embrace the pure joy that a dreamy night in can offer. With the perfect movie, pampering and flickering luxury candles, your mood will surely be uplifted.

Check out our top tips for achieving night-in bliss which can be used as date night ideas or for the perfect solo self-care celebration.

How to Create the Perfect Night In

Spend some time having the ultimate bubble bath.

We are talking bubble bars, exfoliants, tunes on, and a bath bench stocked with wine or your favourite soft drink. Our lives are so busy that taking time to soak until we are pruned just isn’t something we take time to do. A soothing soak has many health benefits, including alleviating muscle pain and providing a mental boost.

Perfect product to match the moment: 3 Mini Bubble Candles (The perfect way to add extra bubbles to your bath time!)

Choose your favourite movie or TV series and then, spend some time away from the screen.

Every good night in includes a good old movie or TV show binge. If your Netflix isn’t asking if you are still there, you are doing it all wrong! Take some time to get through your watchlist, and you are sure to feel rested and ready to hit the ground running the next day.

After you have watched your favourite show, having some time away from the screen is perfect, especially if you work online for a living. Open your favourite book or listen to calming hypnosis for the ultimate way to unwind away from the screen.

Perfect product to match the moment: Large Knot Candle (Large enough to last through any movie or TV show marathon. Our movie night ideas hinge on create the ultimate relaxing space which this candle helps achieve effortlessly)

There must be some good food and drinks.

Order in or cook your favourite treat. The beauty of a night in for you is that it can be tailored to exactly what you want. If ice cream for starter, cake for main, and mochi for dessert is what you crave, then do it!

Perfect product to match the moment: Black Plum and Rhubarb Diffuser (This delicious scent will get your taste buds going as part of its entire sensory experience, helping you decide just what you fancy on your special evening).

Video call your friends and family.

Just because you are having a night at home doesn’t mean you need to be alone. Having a catch-up with the girls or checking in with the fam when you are not under any time constraints can be a lovely thing to do. You could even have a virtual game night or watch a movie together. 

Perfect product to match the moment: Aphrodite Large Torso Candle (This lady represents strength and empowerment, which we know your loved ones will show you in abundance if you reach out for a catch up). 

Add some cosy home décor items to any room that you plan on spending lots of time in.

Fairy lights, candles, photos, and reed diffusers all evoke the feeling of calm, warmth, and cosiness which a good night in should epitomize. As a child we all loved building pillow forts, so think of it as the adult version of that (or go ahead and build one, we won’t judge). Scented candles and diffusers are also a great way to further enhance the feeling of relaxation as olfactics have a lot to do with moods.

Perfect product to match the moment: Any of our candles or reed diffusers are perfect for adding a touch of chic luxury to any home. 

Make This the Year That You Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day.
Whether you want to treat yourself to that candle that you have had your eye on for a while or want to take yourself on a solo date, 2023 is the year for self-empowerment.
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