Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2023 is fast approaching. Are you prepared?

From flowers to experience days, the possibilities are endless! In the UK, we love to treat our mother figures, with £1.34 billion being spent in 2021 alone on the special Sunday. 

While we know Mothering Sunday isn’t all about gifts, giving your Mum something she will treasure is lovely. The Melted Flames collection offers some of the best Mother’s Day gifts if you want to break away from the traditional items and give your Mum something truly memorable! 

Keep reading to gain some Mother’s Day gift ideas that any Mum would love.

A Special Scent to Remember the Day

Scents are a lovely way to represent a particular time. They also unlock a different part of the brain that processes recollections meaning every time your Mum smells her lovely Mother’s Day treat; she will be reminded of your special gift. 

Perfumes, scented candles, and reed diffusers are brilliant options if a fragrant treat is on your list.  

We have some fabulous options to choose from. Many of our handmade candles are also scented, giving you the option to give a gift that doesn’t just look amazing but smells it too. For example, our Palm Leaf candle is available in 5 different scents!

Our luxury reed diffusers are also a firm favourite as they offer a wonderful aroma and stylish home décor staples. You can also select a scent that suits your Mum to show you have paid extra attention to choosing her a gift. With everything from sweet orange to earthy  wood sage, we have an aroma for everyone.

Bathtime Treats

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? 

Another way to add meaning to a gift is to give it with the intention of relaxing activity. Giving your Mum a full pamper package of bathing items will encourage her to take time out. 

 Our Bubbles Candles make the perfect addition to any bath time care package. They can be styled in the bathroom or elsewhere in the home for a fun and playful statement we love.




Mothering Mementoes

Getting personal and reminding your Mum of the amazing commitment she has given is also a lovely thing to do in honour of Mother’s Day. 

Anything from a personalised piece of jewellery to a scrapbook of memories will surely put a huge smile on her face. Our Pregnant Torso Candles are a unique way of celebrating motherhood and the amazing wonders the female body can achieve! 




A Symbol of your Love

Who doesn’t love a cute, heart-shaped treasure? Sometimes a different spin on a traditional sentiment is a beautiful option for a gift. 

Our Love Candle is a fun option to consider. Covered in hearts and available in pink or white, this love-themed gift is adorable, and we know that Mum will just love it! You could also choose something that represents your relationship with your Mother, such as our brand new Mini Origami Lantern. When purchased alongside our Origami Lantern, which is full-sized, a lovely representation of Mother and child can be made (plus they look chic and would suit any home!).

Spoil Your Mum with Melted Flames!

From cute candles to gift cards that let your Mum design her own space, we have something for everyone. 

We think every Mum would appreciate something outside the box this Mother’s Day, don’t you agree?

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