How to Create the Perfect Easter Dining Table with Melted Flames

Did you know that throwing a large family celebration and a meal is said to be the most popular part of Easter for families in the UK?

Whether you are looking forward to the fact that it's acceptable to eat chocolate at 7 am, the long weekend, or you want to make the most of family time with a large meal, Easter is an occasion that we are sure many of you are excited about. 810 million people celebrate Easter in the UK, so we egg-spect that many of the Melted Flames family are busy preparing for a fun-filled weekend. That is why we have made it our mission to create some Easter treats that will set your décor apart from the rest. From adorable bunnies to vibrant bloom-inspired items, we have got it all!

Keep reading to discover how you can create a show-stopping Easter table showing your loved ones how much you care.

Easter Table Tips

Just like any other special occasion, dressing a table to impress is a surefire way of enhancing the experience for everyone. The styling and finishing touches set this table apart from all the others during the year and leave a lasting impression on the attendees. Adding luxe handmade candles or suitable scent is a lovely addition to any Easter display. 

Our tips for fashioning an Easter table that will amaze are the following:

Choose the Right Colours: Select fun pastel shades and spring colours that represent the season perfectly. Cornflower blue, baby pink, sorbet orange, and sunshine yellow all suit Easter styling perfectly. The fun part of Easter is that you can mix and match your accessories using the same colour palette. We also recommend tying in some green shades as the base colour to bring everything together. 

Easter Centrepieces are Essential: With lots going on across the table, it is important to have a centrepiece that ties it all together. Some blooming flowers and our bunny candles are the perfect way of achieving this.

Create an Ambiance with a Scent: Brilliantly executed design hits all the senses. Your table looks visually striking, but having lovely smells surrounding it is a perfect addition. Our Velvet Rose & Oud Reed Diffuser is an excellent way of enhancing floral notes. 

Bring Flowers Into the Design: Easter represents new beginnings, with many stunning flowers making an appearance in time for the weekend celebrations. Whether you pick some flowers from your garden or buy a seasonal selection, they will give the table a lovely fresh feel. You can also finish the design with our Rose Sets to tie the floral features into the entire design.

Top tip: You can also use your Melted Flames Easter decorations as gifts to give away after the meal! Pop into your goody bags along with some chocolate eggs to keep the good vibes going long after the final bites of your Easter feast have been consumed.

Handmade Easter Table Décor to Wow your Guests

The Melted Flames collection features Handmade Easter gifts that seamlessly double as home décor accessories. Adding an adorable finishing touch, they can be used anywhere within the home for a seasonal boost. 

As a small business who specialises in handmade treats, we want to ensure that there is no wastage when seasonal decorations take place. All of our products can either be stored and used again or burn away naturally leaving the earth just as good as we found it. 

Shop our Easter Gifts now to create the perfect seasonal setting for your celebrations!

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