How You Use Melted Flames Candles to Spoil Your Mum This Mothering Sunday!

If you want to show your Mum just how important she is to you, we think going one step further than simply giving a gift is a fabulous idea! Our selection of Mother’s day gifts is ideal as they allow you to give a present that your Mum will love while giving her something different from the normal flowers and chocolates that she expects to receive. 

To show your mother that you care, why not surprise her with one of these thoughtful gestures our curated collection can bring to life? 

Create the Perfect Mother’s Day Meal

Who doesn’t love catching up over a lovingly cooked meal? Going out to eat is a lovely idea, but there is something extra special about relaxing with a brilliant plate of food and a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you unlock your inner chef or order your favourite takeaway, you can make the evening more special by dressing the table to the eating area in a stylish décor. 

Bring this idea to life with the following products: When dressing a table, you need a central focal point that sets the whole vibe. Our Gold Foil Origami Lantern or Gold Foil Palm Leaf are perfect for this. Style with other gold-toned accessories for a rich feel.

Spend Some Time Together for a Movie Night

We are talking about the ultimate chick flick, popcorn, and snacks to create the ultimate at-home movie night. This is the perfect way to ensure your Mum takes the time to sit down and chill. You could also choose a movie that allows you to reminisce or select a new flick your Mum wanted to see. The choices are endless!

Give your movie night a big-screen film with these products: The key to creating a calming movie night has to be choosing the proper lighting. You will want to use a mix of string lights and flickering candles to create the dimly lit vibe essential for transporting you both to the feeling of being in a cinema. Our mini candles, such as the Trio of Mini Bubbles or Trio of Yarn Candles, are perfect for this.

Make an At-Home Spa

No matter what age a mother's children may be, they never stop to take rest time; as we all know, the saying, 'mothers work is never done' is so true. Making sure she sits down and chills out is easily achieved when you introduce face masks, manicures, and pedicures into the mix. 

Evoke ultimate relaxation with these products: Something that characterises any spa is the undeniable aroma that you are greeted with from the moment you step into the room. Luxurious scents unlock an extra level of relaxation. To help you achieve this, our Reed Diffusers are ideal. From uplifting citrus notes to tranquil black pepper, we have an option for every taste. 

Design Your Own Art Studio for a Therapeutic Creative Session

If you want an idea that is fun and outside of the box, why not make your own paint party!

Picking up a paint brush improves mental health and promotes relaxation. Not only will your Mum get to chill out, but she will also be able to make more memories with you, which we guarantee will be her favourite part. 

Unlock your creative juices with these products: Our contemporary Torso Candles are perfect for unlocking your inner Picasso. You can set the scene for a modern artistic session, and your Mum can then enjoy these home décor essentials after the day has passed.  

What are the benefits to choosing a Mothering Sunday gift from Melted Flames?

  • You will be supporting a small business which means your Mum’s gift is more unique than just a generic candle or scent that could be found on the high street. Whilst we are sure, she would love any gesture you choose, showing that you have taken the time to shop small shows how much you care.
  • All our products are handmade and quality-assured, which makes for a top-quality gift.
  • We only use the finest oils and wax to bring our creations to life. This means as well as having products that elevate any home décor, they also burn beautifully and smell incredible!
  • From our Mini Bubbles Candles to our luxury Reed Diffusers we have options for every budget. 

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