Style your home timeless and chic decor

If you are a true candle lover, the blue skies and light evenings will not stop you from adorning your home with trendy candles. That is why we continue to release brand-new products all year long! 

As you will know, if you love our modern sculptural candles, our designs are handmade to look incredible, smell amazing, and burn perfectly. As we hand-pour and finish each item, we can also promise the personal touch is given to each product, with time spent lovingly caring for them so that our Melted Flames customers get only the best.

Check out the newest members of the MF family this month!

New Bubble Candle's

It’s official; our customers LOVE the bubble collection, so we are releasing two brand-new versions to complete our collection. With all the right curves in all the right places, this fun and playful design can add a touch of elegance to any room within the home.

Each bubble is hand finished and smoothed to offer a gentle appearance reminiscent of fluffy summer clouds or luxurious winter baths. Thanks to the large surface area, this candle also burns down beautifully and evenly, minimising the chance of messy wax or an uneven design.

You can also style alone or with the rest of our bubble collection for a chic focal point. 

New to the collection we have The Long Square Bubble, Tall Bubble and Large Bubble.

MF Styling Tip - The bubble candle is fab anywhere in the home, but it looks particularly stylish when used as a coffee table centrepiece with some of the smaller collections surrounding it!

Large Diamond Cube Candle

If you are a fan of our Dia Candle, releasing our statement Large Diamond Candle will be music to your ears!

Showcasing geometric home decor at its finest, this intricate candle offers an expensive look perfect for dressing up any space. This unique focal point represents minimalist design, making it trendy and timeless. 

We also love the slightly softened edges as it proves that bold home accessories can still be soft and romantic at the same time.

MF Styling Tip - This sleek candle is perfect for styling on a shelf adorned with all your favourite literature titles, as the solid design can also be used as a bookend!

What Makes Melted Flames Candles Special?

  • Each design is hand-poured by our founder Stephany using Coconut & Rapeseed wax. This is a sustainable and natural material which also burns beautifully. 
  • You can select either an unscented or a fragrance option in many of our designs. All scented candles and products are blended with natural fragrance oils which are 100% phthalate meaning no nasties!
  • All candles are then finished by hand, ensuring no design flaws. We also hand-package and send everything in fully recyclable packaging.
  • We also use crackling wooden wicks & cotton wicks for added ambiance when you burn your creation.

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