Self Care the Melted Flames Way

Are you guilty of neglecting your mental and physical health in favour of getting that extra piece of work done? If so, you are not alone, as we are a nation of busy people who often don’t take time to look after themselves. 

At Melted Flames, we are HUGE advocates of self-care, as one of the reasons our business was created was to give people the tools to take time for themselves. Want to know how you can use our products to improve your mind, body, and soul? Keep on reading!

What Do We Mean By Self Care?

Let’s break the stigma around self care as so many people feel that it's selfish to take time for them or spend money on something that is not deemed as essential.

The reality is that self-care is important because it plays a crucial role in maintaining overall well-being and quality of life. Engaging in self-care practices can have numerous benefits for individuals, both physically and mentally.

  1. Improved mental health: Practising self-care can help manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve concentration and overall mood. Taking time for oneself can promote relaxation and provide a sense of calm and balance.
  2. Enhanced physical health: Self-care has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of illness and improve general physical health.
  3. Increased self-awareness: Self-care involves intentional introspection and understanding one's thoughts, experiences, and emotions. It can help individuals become more self-aware, recognise their needs and values, and make choices that align with their overall well-being.
  4. Improved relationships: Taking care of oneself enables individuals to show up fully for others. When individuals prioritise self-care, they are better equipped to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and engage in meaningful relationships.
  5. Enhanced productivity: Engaging in self-care practices can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Taking regular breaks, getting sufficient rest, and managing stress levels can improve focus, concentration, and overall performance.

Sounds good right?

How Can I Introduce Self Care With Melted Flames?

Melted Flames is designed to make your daily life better. From burning a calming candle while you work to having a beautiful diffuser releasing calming scents when you sleep, we have something for every need. 

The main way that we promote self-care is with the premise of time. There is something so calming about lighting a candle and having some self-reflection time. Some of our top things to do when you have a flickering, calming crackle next to you are:

  • Take a bubble bath (use our bubble collection to enhance the experience)
  • Read a book or magazine (say goodbye to the screen)
  • Write in a journal
  • Carry out your skin, hair, or bodycare
  • Have a catch up with friends via video chat or in person
  • Tuck into your fave meal

All of these things are tasks you may normally do, but when you combine it with a calm environment every aspect of your being will benefit. 

Why Are Candles Calming?

There are loads of reasons why our candles are relaxing, which starts with the joyous task of online shopping with a great way to show some self care love! Some of ways that candles enhance self-care are as follows:

Scent: The smell of candles can have a big impact on mood. Scent is connected to memories and can have healing properties that can reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve sleep. Smelling delicious scents may also trigger positive memories and associations, leading to feelings of happiness and relaxation. Our room sprays also offer the same effect thanks to their calming oils and rich ingredients.

Soft light: Candlelight creates a soft, warm glow that has a calming effect on the mind and body. The flickering light of a candle can be mesmerising and meditative, allowing for a peaceful and reflective atmosphere.

Reminiscent of the past: Candles can evoke memories and emotions associated with a time when life was simpler and more carefree. Using candles as part of a self-care routine can bring back a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

They make for a stunning environment: Having a chic and styled home is also a form of self love as you are providing yourself with an environment designed to promote mental health. Having beautiful things to look at will create the perfect space for other self-care activities in turn. Check out our Torso candles for the perfect inspiration.

Are you ready to invest in your self-care? Go you! Shop our full collection now and be sure to follow our socials where we are always sharing lots of handy hints and tips.

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