Show some love with our "My Love" candles

Hello My Love! Who needs an excuse to spoil your loved ones, spoil yourself and show some love to your Galentines too?

With Melted Flames eco-friendly candles you can show love for those you care about whilst taking care of the environment. No need to worry about a sustainable gift with our “My Love” hand-poured bubble candles its easier than ever to celebrate. Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friends Day, Baby Reveal day, Birthday....any day really we have you sorted eco-consciously.



Melted Flames was a lockdown enterprise and we first started making candles in January 2021. Our aim was to create candles that are simple, natural yet intentional that give a full sensory experience. We love to produce original candles and products to help you uplift yourself and relax.
We researched every wax on the market. Did you know standard scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollution? They release toxins when burned - most candles are made of paraffin wax which releases highly toxic benzene and toluene, both known carcinogens. Natural candles emit no toxins and provide light and - if you choose our scented candles – a luxurious aroma in your home.

In addition, many scented candles have wicks containing heavy metals like lead. Even just a few hours of burning them can release high levels of airborne heavy metals.

Soy has been a favourite for eco-friendly candles and consumers looking for products with a better environmental impact. Soy wax is kinder to the environment than Paraffin Wax which is derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. But coconut wax is the new superstar and a better choice than soy.

Coconut wax is a renewable, high yield product, it made the perfect choice for our hand-made bubble candles. Coconut wax burns cleaner and longer than other waxes  giving you a longer-life candle purchase. It also has a great scent throw; fragrance oils and essential oils blend perfectly with this wax. Coconut wax is a Non-GMO product with a beautiful, natural white colour. All our candles are available in natural white and of course our “My Love” candle is available in pink too.

Coconut Wax was a winner before we even poured our first candle. We wanted a product that represented care for the environment, positivity and comfort.

Rapeseed is grown in the UK and the EU making it the most eco-friendly wax choice with a lower carbon footprint than many other imported plant waxes. Again, it does not create harmful toxins like paraffin and it is non-hazardous for us, our pets or wildlife. The rapeseed crop helps our bees, (and we all love bees), they love the nectar that rapeseed flowers produce. It feeds our animals, as bio-fuel, it powers our vehicles and it is sustainable.

As well as its impressive eco-friendly and green credentials, rapeseed wax delivers exceptional hot and cold throw properties, meaning our sustainable candles smell fabulous when lit and also when decorating your home.

Rapeseed wax burns at a low temperature so the fragrance evaporates gently from the wax pool rather than being burnt off at a high temperature, which also makes the aroma linger in your home for longer.

It burns very well too, the low temperature giving a prolonged burn time over other natural and mineral based waxes. We take great care to maximise your bubble candle burn time by using the correct wick and hand-pouring wax at the optimum temperature into a suitably heated container.

Melted Flames love to give you a touch of luxury and make you feel relaxed and pampered in your home, while being on trend with all the latest candle shapes. We use natural cotton wicks and wax and send you hand-written positive affirmations to empower and comfort you in your home.

Eco Candle gifts are the most beautiful gift for your loved one – whether you're searching for best friend gifts, gifts for mums, grandma gifts or gifts for sisters. Trust me. Finding a candle gift shows you gave it some thoughteveryone adores a well-scented home. Particularly as they cosy up during the grey winter months and take time to elevate their self-care routine. The crux of any interiors obsession begins with an appreciation for scented candles – and you can simply never have too many. 


Beautiful candles have the ability to quickly set the mood of any atmosphere, depending on the fragrance you choose. By gifting a candle set, you're actually giving your loved one the gift of a calm, warm and inviting space – or an uplifting and energised one. And what gift could possibly be better? 

When choosing an eco-friendly candle gift, it helps to have some sort of an understanding of the person you’re buying for – even if that person is you. While throwing caution to the wind and being spontaneous can work most of the time, in order to really hit the nail on the head, it's good to know what fragrance they like – and which they don't. You don’t want to end up buying someone who prefers the rich and heady aroma of Jasmine and Patchouli a fresh and fruity Thai Lime and Mango torso candle. 

A beautiful bouquet of flowers or bottle of champagne make timeless gifts year after year, but those romantics among us know that pulling off a great night of pampering is really determined by how well the mood is set. Dim the lights, set up your favourite playlist and light the very best sustainable candles to channel love energy whether you’re spoiling your partner, yourself or a special BFF. Melted Flames “My Love” candles are available in natural white or pink and unscented or Velvet Rose and Oud fragrance. We like to see them as the gifts that keep on giving as they will look fabulous and smell wonderful too. These are surely the best luxury candles to enhance any Galentine's Day, date night, or self-love celebration any day of the year.

What’s not to love?





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