The Ultimate Handmade Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Do you find it hard to choose the best gift for the man in your life? We guarantee that thinking outside the box will go down a treat as there are only so many sets of socks and Lynx Africa sets that one man can receive!

In this blog, we'll explore how you can find the ultimate gift for the special man in your life from the Melted Flames collection. After all, everyone loves the chance to relax and unwind, making our products universal in their audience.

1. Tobacco and Vanilla Room Spray

Firstly, we have the Tobacco and Vanilla Room Spray, a rich and mature scent that guys tend to love. 

The scent of tobacco and vanilla is a unique and harmonious combination that marries the rich, earthy aroma of tobacco with a sweet, warm, and inviting scent. It offers the perfect aroma for any space, from a bedroom to a home office. Furthermore, the unisex bottle looks tidy when stored on a shelf, ensuring every man feels comfortable using their new home decor aroma.

2. Festive Candles

Next up, we have our fun, festive candles; who wouldn’t love these delights? Perfect for decorating a desk or home space, these handmade festive staples are ideal for anyone. The designs are also strong and proud, making them ideal gifts for him.

3. Origami Lantern Candles

Our sculptural candles collection makes the perfect gift for anyone. 

The Origami Candles are a popular choice as they have a sleek design that can be styled in many ways. Candles are universal and calming, which is why everyone loves them. These designs offer a sustainable and natural burn, which is low maintenance. They also look chic even after being burned some of the way down, making them a powerful decor accessory we think the man in your life will adore.

4. Wood Sage and Sea Salt Reed Diffuser

The Wood Sage and Sea Salt Reed Diffuser is our final recommendation. 

The combination of wood sage and sea salt creates a unique olfactory experience that men tend to love due to its fresh and mature blend. It offers a mix of herbal, earthy notes of sage with the fresh, coastal aroma of sea salt. This results in a scent that is both invigorating and grounding.


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